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Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh Doctor, You're in Trouble!

With regard to the support that a certain high profile panel of contestants is claiming from leading doctors within the community, it has been brought to notice that some top doctors, whose names are cited, are feeling rather slighted.

Privately, they have expressed disapproval over the manner in which they were tacitly coerced into putting their signatures on the campaign by bigwigs associated with the hospital where they are all empanelled.

They feel there was no need for them to be dragged into a political dilemma by publicly making them endorse a particular panel, when there are good candidates across the board. So, why did they put their signatures? A couple of them confessed that to not conform would be to recklessly ruffle the feathers of the big birds.

Which reminds us of a witty ditty, suitably modified: “Oh Doctor, you’re in trouble. Well, goodness gracious me. For every time a certain man is standing next to thee... A flush comes to the face and the pulse begins to race. It goes BPP/BPP, BPP/BPP, BPP/BPP boom!”

This brings us to another question: what sort of panel would need the ‘support’ of so many top, multi-disciplinary doctors? Certainly not a very healthy one!

However, this is said in lighter vein. What appears unhealthy are only the tactics, which are not necessarily perpetrated personally by the candidates of the said panel.

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