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Monday, September 15, 2008

New Trustees Need: Time, Talent, & Tenacity to Preserve our Tenets

Finally, we come down to the quintessential question that justifies life’s journey: how much time do we have?

This is being asked over and over again in the context of the various candidates and their ability to commit themselves to the onerous task of Trusteeship. While it’s true that some people appear way too over-committed to be able to spare the time needed to attend to a large Trust like the Bombay Parsi Punchayet, and its many attending and ongoing issues, it’s ultimately up to each individual to be able to deliver – and there’s no prescribed formula for time management.

Some very successful people effectively subscribe to the adage: the more you do, the more you can do. Their energy, acumen, and ability to multi-task efficiently, is inspiring, and there’s no reason to assume they will not give off their best once they have committed themselves to something.

On the other hand, we get fliers slid under our door almost every day from some very well-intentioned candidates, claiming to have the time – but to what avail? Especially since these candidates haven’t the experience or ability to give leadership at the apex level, which the BPP really needs.

Ultimately, it’s a balance of time, talent, temperament, the tenacity to hold steadfast on to our traditions, and the temerity to take on those who mischievously undermine time-honoured tenets for vested interests, that will define the next Trustees of the BPP.

Let us, together, determine who these seven worthies will be. In the coming weeks, this column will bring you interviews with leading players – one-on-one conversations, frank, forthright and fearless – that will enable us to objectively make up our minds.

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