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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chairman Saheb!

Dinshaw Mehta Takes Over As BPP
They say when you really want something, the whole universe conspires to give it to you -- despite the conspiracies hatched against you!
Today at noon, when the newly-elected BPP Board met for the very first time, Dinshaw Mehta sat in the Chairman's seat.
We are told it was the most natural thing for him to do since he is, by convention, the rightful occupant of the position, by virtue of seniority, having completed two successful previous terms as Trustee.
BPP CEO Mehli Colah confirmed later that when the new Board met, Dinshawji was appointed Chairman.
Carrying the mandate of the community as he does, may he now lead us with the vision and the sagacity that we so sorely need.
We wish him the very best for the seven years ahead. Do you have ideas, suggestions, expectations or a road-map for the new Chairman and his team?
Post them on the blog, or email me (, and I'll put them forward. This is, after all a 'People's Punchayet', voted in through Universal Adult Franchise. The community has given them its vote -- now the Chairman and his team must honour its committment to act in our best interest at all times.

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Hushtasp said...

Hello Shernaaz
The winners to the BPP trusteeship have their manifestos and vision to fulfill.
Instead the suggestion is, due to the utter failure of the so called “Parsi Press” in Mumbai to deliver community related new in a professional ethical manner to the Parsi/Irani Zarthoshtis you should take on the responsibility to inform the community in Mumbai and out of Mumbai on matters related to the BPP.
The Parsi-Link blog has set an honourable standard of reporting. You have earned the trust for being unbiased in your reporting and not belonging to any particular group. It will be a great service to the community if you serve as the journalist that reports on the BPP on a regular basis on this blog

Hushtasp Bhumgara
Toronto Canada