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Monday, October 20, 2008

Avhe Poll Khulse…

Results at the End of Day 1
The moment of reckoning has arrived. At a little past two p.m. on October 20, at the Banaji Atash Behram Hall, the counting of the ballots began with the Khareghat boxes being opened first. At the end of the day, the leads were as follows:

Arnavaz Mistry – 1704 votes
Dinshaw Mehta – 1349 votes
Jimmy Mistry – 1120 votes
Khojeste Mistry – 1006 votes
Yazdi Desai – 913 votes
Shirin Choksey – 767 votes
Bomi Kavina – 756 votes

Of course, this shall be subject to change day by day, and later minute by minute. Following close on the heels are Noshir Dadrawalla (737 votes) and Dr. Ketayun Dinshaw (695 votes). The community has cast its verdict. Now, we eagerly await the unfolding results…

1 comment:

Strider said...

Lol. Catchy title.
As of now, the 2 WAPIZ candidates have been replaced by Dadhrawalla :( and Tirandaz... Cusrow Baugh is half way thru... (Keeps fingers crossed)