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Thursday, September 11, 2008

WAPIZ must strengthen its wicket, with a United-7 ticket

It is our contention that the World Alliance of Parsi Irani Zarthoshtis (WAPIZ) seems to be underselling itself with just four nominations. Since they, too, are presenting a panel, shouldn’t have computed a complete one? Leaving three gaps in the grid isn’t entirely sound.

Their appeal that the community can fill them in with “like minded” candidates is a bit of a riddle. Like-mindedness with WAPIZ can be a bit daunting, as many are found wanting! Perhaps WAPIZ should identify who they consider compatible and make the election maze a tad easier to navigate.

Khojeste Mistry was questioned about this at a campaign meeting. He was of the belief that the four panellists WAPIZ has put out are a cohesive group, sharing the same vision and mission, and he hopes all four could get elected to the BPP so that they could then be in a majority. Beyond that, the community is free to pick its other three, said he, pushing the “like minded” pitch yet again to ensure a common ground within the BPP among the final seven trustees.

But in this election, with so many differing ideologies, and strong contenders who stand for them, it seems unlikely that any one point of view will hold complete sway over the BPP. It will have to be an amalgam of ideas, aspirants and issues.

It is in WAPIZ’s interests to align with three others and present a United-7 to community, so that they can then steer their team into the Punchayet more effectively. Failing which, one sees a lot of cross-voting happening and WAPIZ’s four may or may not score.


HoshangRashna said...

Dear Ms.Shernaaz engineer,
What is your opinion about WAPIZ panel of four ? & why they should have have a panel of Seven ?
Hoshang Homi Udwadia
Cell 932 15 1947 8

Shernaaz Engineer, Mumbai, India said...
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phirozaban said...

Bus loads of Dhanshak eaters from Surat,Ahmedabad and moffusil are coming to Mumbai to cast their vote to decide the destiny of Mumbai based Parsees. Of course they will be travelling to Mumbai gratis to 'save our religion" from so called reformists