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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Know Your Candidates

The BPP’s yet to release a formal list of candidates for the elections. A preliminary telephone call to a senior office bearer revealed a reluctance to share it at this point as the date for withdrawals is September 18. Thereafter, the final list will be available.

In the interim, it’s in the interest of all to know who the players are. While some are high profile and extremely well-publicised, others are less known. Since our intention is to play fair, we present as comprehensive a list as we could compile. But it is by no means conclusive. So those who may have been omitted by default can contact us and we will subsequently rectify their non-inclusion.

Munchi Cama
Noshir Dadrawala
Soli Dastur
Dr. Ketayun Dinshaw
Maneck Engineer
Byram Jeejeebhoy
Keki Mistry
Nadir Modi

Shirin Choksey
Yezdi Desai
Bomi Kavina
Khojeste Mistree

Phiroze Amroliwalla
Tehmtan Dumasia
Urvax Dhanda
Darayus Kabraji
Viraf Kapadia
Dinshaw Mehta
Framroze Mirza
Arnavaz Mistry
Jimmy Mistry
Tehmasp Mogul
Farrokh Munsiff
Danesh Nejadkay
Yezdi Panthaky
Cyrus Patel
Rustom Tirandaz
Dr. Kuresh Zorabi


Jasmine said...

Hi Shernaaz, you have done a lovely job of gathering up all the dynamite. Have read all of it. I feel all voters must have read all this , but there are other heads under which u hav given nice info as well. My thanks to you, and please continue such writings on the net. ---jasmine.

Shernaaz Engineer, Mumbai, India said...

thanks a lot, jasmine. these are challenging times for the community, and we will rise to it together!