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Saturday, September 13, 2008

AFP’s 8 x 7

Will AFP’s date with fate be blighted by its 8? Arguably, its panel is glittering and glamorous and almost intimidating in its invincibility. But is too much of a good thing really not such a good thing, after all?

With just seven seats for Trusteeship at the BPP, community members are asking several questions after the rather late inclusion of Munchi Cama as the eighth worthy on the AFP panel. The most poignant one is: who do we drop? Up until this point, the AFP had been pressing for its entire panel to be propelled into the Punchayet but now, perforce, one person will have to be pitch forked out of the party.

Would the AFP like to tell the community who that person should be? Should we eliminate at random, or in tandem?

In any case, the buzz is that somebody could be backing out. After all, Homi Khusrokhan reportedly did, and rather late in the day we’re told, which is when Dr. Katy Dinshaw was quickly brought in. Well, as the AFP plays musical chairs with its panel, unseating someone will be inevitable.

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